Mistaken Identity

Many people find it hard to tell identical twins Denise and Annabella apart and this leads to all sorts of complications. Pampered and brainwashed from an early age to believe that men are providers, Denise is forced to look for work when their father dies to clear the mountain of bills and mortgage payments. An innocent interview reveals a dangerous proposal, one that Denise isn’t ready for. She is not prepared to marry Desmond, a man old enough to be her father and for whom she has no feelings. However, her uncle Richard sees Desmond as a gold mine and a solution to their present strife. Denise is given no choice but to go ahead with the marriage.

Just three days before her wedding, Denise disappears and Louise, her widowed mother, is not short of suspects. When Denise’s sister Annabella goes missing as well, Louise’s nerves are left in terror. In the midst of her fear and despair she receives two phone calls that will change the family’s life forever….

Set in Uganda, this tale of multiple twists and turns proves that the course of true love never did run smoothly.

All aboard for the ride!

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