True Colours

What happens when you leave your child with a trusting aunt, unaware of what the aunt does for a living?

Most poor families are seduced by a rich relative’s generosity, and when rich relative offers to help a poor young child the parents don’t hesitate to pass over the child. The child’s safety doesn’t cross their mind. Hilda is only seven years old when she is uprooted from her poor family to go and live with her aunt Patricia, a woman with a colourful life.

Elsa and Jonathan have four children with a one year difference in between them and another baby on the way. They can’t believe their luck when Patricia, Jonathan’s sister, offers to take care of their eldest daughter Hilda, with the promise of a good education, a cure for poverty, ignorance and disease. But Patricia has other plans for her little niece and a better life is not on her list. She is a devil in disguise.

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